Within GUSAC we have a range of equipment available for hire to our members at extremely low cost (which is great for all the skint students in the club!), including:

lockupBuddy BCDs
10L & 12L air cylinders
3L pony cylinders, clamps & regulators
Inflatable boat & outboard

We also have a supply of (old) pool fins and masks which we use for the try-dives at the start of each year, although we recommend you buy your own as soon as possible to ensure you get good quality kit that fits you properly.

When you start diving in the open water (the sea!) you will need to provide your own mask, fins, gloves and hood, and either buy or hire a drysuit.

Experienced members of the club are always willing to offer advice on which equipment they’ve found has suited them best. There are also a number of second hand dive equipment options available.

In GUSAC we take the safety of our members very seriously, and as well as providing all the appropriate training to ensure safe diving in the UK and appointing an experienced Diving Officer to oversee all diving activities, we are also well kitted out with a range of first aid and safety equipment relevant to SCUBA diving, including two oxygen kits, two first aid kits and safety equipment for use with the boat.