Expeditions (old)

All the sites/trips listed on this page are intended to be accessible to all GUSAC divers, some sites may be deeper than 20 metres in part but will still have plenty to offer Ocean Divers.

All of the prices listed are ESTIMATES intended to give an indication of likely cost.

If anyone has any suggestions for additional trips they would like to add to this for consideration, please get in touch with Andy Pilley or Stuart Monro.

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Key Dates

Important dates for the academic year 2012-13 are:

Spring vacation starts Monday 25th March
Spring vacation ends Friday 25th April
Exams start Monday 22nd April
Exams end Friday 17th May
Graduation starts Thursday 20th June
Graduation ends Thursday 27th June

A full list of dates is available from this link


Capernwray (Lancashire)

Visited by Gareth, Andy P, Matt (the vet) and Stuart in December 2012. Trip report available here. Details of the site are available from the Capernwray website.

The trip would most likely involve driving down very early Saturday morning (6am departure), staying overnight in a Youth Hostel at Ingleton (details here) and getting back to Glasgow late on Sunday night. We would do two dives each day.

The maximum depth of the site is 18 metres


  • Capernwray registration – £15 (one off fee)
  • Diving – £14 per day
  • Youth Hostel – £13 per person per night (pppn) in a shared room of 4 (YHA members get a discount)
  • Fuel – £100 total, food – £7 per person per day. TBC
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL – £110 per person for 2 days diving


Shallow wreck and scenic diving available from Marine Quest. This can include St Abbs, the Farnes, Bass Rock. Marine Quest can put together a package of dives to suit us which could include scenic, wreck and seal diving.

There are some Youtube videos of diving at sites off Eymouth herehere and here. All the sites featured on these videos are within Ocean Diver range.

Link to Marine Quest site is here.


  • Individual diving half day trip (2 dives) from £38
  • Full charter half day trip (2 dives) £380 for a max 12 people
  • B&B £30 pppn for a group room or £35 for a twin
  • Fuel – £65 total food – £7 per person per day
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL – £105 per person for 1 day diving based on group of 12

Longer Trips

Sound of Mull

This might be a viable option for a weekend or alternatively could be expanded to a full week of diving. There are a lot of dive sites in the area which are suited to our club, rather than listing them all here, take a look at this web page. It’s worth noting that many of the wreck sites offer something for both Ocean Divers and more experienced divers in that the top of the wrecks are above 20m but much deeper diving at the same sites is also possible.

We would dive with Lochaline boat charters and stay in their accommodation at the Old Post Office. To cut down on costs we could take one day off from diving and use it to explore Mull. Apparently there are some good distilleries worth visiting.

Given the relative proximity of the Sound of Mull (in comparison to Capenwray/Stoney Cove/Plymouth), this may prove to be a preferred option for a week long expedition.


  • Dive charter – £380 per day approx
  • Accommodation – £24 pppn for a group of 10
  • Fuel – £120 total food – £7 per person per day
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL – £340 per person for 4 days diving based on group of 10

Capenwray / StoneyCove (Midlands)

We could consider a longer trip involving two days at Capernwray (see above) and two days at Stoney Cove. Most likely we would do the following

  • Day 1 drive direct from Glasgow to the Midlands
  • Dive Stoney Cove days 2 & 3.
  • Day 4 drive to Capernwray
  • Dive Capernwray days 5 & 6.
  • Travel back to Glasgow late day 6.

Stoney Cove has a max depth of 35 metres but this would only be of interest to Sports Divers wanting to do depth progression, all the cool stuff is at max depth 20. The most cost effective accommodation would be a Youth Hostel which is 45 minutes drive away. However it is in the middle of nowhere, if we want evening entertainment we may have to pay more.


  • Capenwray as above
  • Stoney Cove optional registration – £25 for 2 years, saves £6 per day
  • Stoney Cove Diving – £17 per day (without registration discount)
  • Accommodation – £13 per person per night
  • Fuel – £230 food £7 per person per day
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL (including Capernwray costs shown above) – £220 per person for 4 days diving


Discovery Divers offer dives from RIB and hard boats at a variety of sites in the Plymouth area along with acommodation. Sites (plus max depths) include:

  • HMS Scylla – a purpose sunk wreck (11-24m)
  • Glen Strathallan – pleasure yacht complete with congers (15-18m)
  • James Egan Layne – WW2 Liberty ship sunk by torpedo (7-24m)

We could consider a trip to Plymouth which would involve two days travelling and 3-5 days diving. Costs would need to be investigated further but see the box below for indicative dive and acommodation costs based on Discovery’s 2012 prices.

Link to Discovery Divers site is here.


  • Boat charter – £450 per day
  • Accommodation – £22.50 pppn in twin en-suite, £15 pppn in 4 person bunk room
  • Fuel – £290 total food – £7 per person per day
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL – £330 per person for 4 days diving

North Wales

We could combine a trip to North Wales with a stop-off at Capernwray on the way back. There is a lot of wildlife and scenic diving in Gwynedd and we could combine this with a day off from diving during which we could go and check out the world’s second longest zip-slide which is due to open in the area in March this year.

We would be diving with Shearwater Cruises, take a look at their website for more details of what they offer.


  • Boat charter – £720 per day!
  • Accommodation – £18 pppn in bunkhouse
  • Fuel – £230 total food – £7 per person per day
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL – £370 per person for 3 days diving (including Capernwray details from above)