Plymouth Expedition (Post Exams May 2014)

Date: May 25th to May 30th 2014
Dive Type Wreck and Scenic
Dive Platform: RIB
Dive Level: All levels
Training Requirements: You must build up your experience in boat diving and using a DSMB before this trip
Cost: Between £400 and £500 per person (approx)
Number of places on the trip 12
How to secure your place: Non-refundable deposit of £100 to be paid by Christmas 2013.
Final Payment £300/£400 by 1st March 2014
Training Opportunites: Sports Diver and Dive Leader trainees will have the opportunity to get boat dives, wreck dives, dive leading and depth progression signed off on this trip


This is the post exam trip to help you wind down after all that stress. We’ll travel down to Plymouth on Sunday the 25th and stay in self catering accommodation for 5 nights. We’ll do four days diving (two dives per day) with Discovery Divers off their RIB. (It’s a big RIB with ladders to get back into the boat).

Included in the cost is accommodation for 5 nights, 4 days boat charter and 8 air fills. Not included will be the cost of transport and food. The food budget will be calculated closer to the time but you should work on the basis of around £50 per person. See below for transport options.

If you want to come on this trip but don’t have much experience in boat diving or using a DSMB, let us know when you pay your deposit and we’ll get some training organised for you.

Transport Options

Transport to Plymouth is going to be a key cost for this trip, we have a number of options:

Option 1: Minibus and van. We all travel together by road to Plymouth using a GUSA minibus to transport the bodies and a van for all the kit. This is the cheapest and least comfortable option, the drive will take approximately 12 hours each way. Everyone will be expected to contribute to fuel costs which are estimated at between £50-£100 per person.

Option 2: Minibus and rail. An advance party takes a GUSA minibus filled with all our kit to Plymouth while everyone else travels by train. A return train ticket (on a 16-25 railcard) will cost approximately £135. Everyone travelling by train will also be expected to contribute to fuel costs for the minibus which may work out at around £50 per person

Option 3: Minibus and fly. Similar to option 2 except everyone not driving flies from Glasgow to Exeter where they are picked up by the minibus advance party. FlyBe return tickets cost approx £90 if purchased in advance. As with the train option, those flying will also be expected to contribute to minibus fuel costs.